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Welcome to Wildcat Summer Camp 2023!

We are looking forward to offering another six weeks of fantastic camps packed with new activities and exciting, hands-on learning. Join us as we embark on first-time adventures, build friendships and strengthen our sense of community. We welcome any rising K-8 student (ages 5-14, Trinity student or otherwise) to our full- and half-day camps.

What makes Wildcat Summer Camp stand out?

  • Our Uptown location
  • Our daily/weekly adventures to apply our learning outside of the classroom and often in Charlotte’s Center City/the greater Charlotte area
  • A continued focus on the health and safety of our camp community
  • A wide variety of offerings each week to appeal to students’ interests
  • Our focus on emerging trends in the summer camp space
  • A summer staff that is dedicated to helping foster academic growth, experiential learning, and lots of fun

While the core values of Trinity link each camp, the programs are designed to offer unique and enriching experiences each week. New opportunities have been added to expand and enhance these experiences for new and/or returning Wildcat campers. We promise to maintain the same sense of camaraderie and community that has made the camps so transformative in the past. Whether intrigued by the software that controls a robot or the major difference between a whole note and a quarter note, your camper will make great memories at Wildcat Summer Camp 2023!

At Trinity, we are dedicated to nurturing the whole student: mind, body and spirit.  We are fully invested in honoring Trinity’s mission to create scholars, nurture spirituality and embrace diversity in Charlotte’s Center City. Paramount to succeeding in this goal is our firm commitment to fostering a safe environment through the understanding of the importance of personal accountability. Trinity’s Honor Code provides guidelines that help us achieve our goals for students to live successfully in our community.

If you have any questions about the 2023 Wildcat Summer Camp program, please call us at 704-358-8101, or email us at

We look forward to seeing you!