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Middle School is a time of profound growth and transition for children intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Trinity’s Middle School program serves grades 6-8 and is a perfect bridge from the solid educational foundation our students receive in our lower school to being prepared for the best high schools in Charlotte and beyond. Our challenging academic program makes connections across subject areas and uses a variety of instructional strategies. Our outstanding and experienced faculty work diligently to construct and deliver a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate based on educational research and best practices. Our teachers develop learning activities that allow students to create their own knowledge, understanding and application in the real world versus memorizing rote facts. Our students also participate in a rich array of enrichment classes (art, music, physical education, life skills and faith studies) as a complement to our core curriculum.

Our middle school students appreciate the leadership roles that they hold in our K-8 school community as they garden with lower school students, lead Greet the Week on Monday mornings and give the homily at middle school chapels. Our 8th graders cherish the time they spend with our kindergartners as Science Buddies and look forward to their class trip to Washington, D. C. where they meet with lobbyists and legislators to advocate for a social issue they've studied and researched all year in their Social Issues Seminar class.

I invite you to visit our campus and tour our spacious, inviting classrooms where every student is challenged to academic excellence while honored as an individual with unique potential.

Tracy Onze
Head of Middle School