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Freedom Fete 2024

Trinity will celebrate the 20th annual Freedom Fete by welcoming Dr. Howard C. Stevenson as the featured speaker on Thursday, Jan. 18, 4:00-5:30 pm.

An award-winning scholar and nationally recognized speaker and expert on racial literacy, Dr. Stevenson will share tools and his insight on developing racial literacy and bridging differences.





Dr. Stevenson is the Constance Clayton Professor of Urban Education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. He is also Professor of Africana Studies and director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative.

Dr. Stevenson's area of work prepares children and adults to assert themselves during face-to-face microaggressions that undermine academic and work productivity. Key to this racial healing work is integrating cultural strengths to reduce in-the-moment threat reactions, increase access to memory, physical mobility, and voice, and prevent long-term health detriment. 

Dr. Stevenson has served for 32 years as a clinical psychologist working in under-resourced rural and urban neighborhoods across the country. His book, “Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools: Differences That Make a Difference,” summarizes this work.

Dr. Stevenson was the recipient of the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize from Brandeis University in 2020. The award recognizes outstanding and lasting scholarly contributions to racial, ethnic and/or religious relations.

About Freedom Fete

Freedom Fete is an annual celebration at Trinity, occurring around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January, dedicated to celebrating the work of those who lead the struggle for social justice - both in our local community and beyond. Each year, we feature guest speakers from across the country who are experts on a wide variety of diversity and social justice issues.