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A student of Trinity is challenged to academic excellence while honored as an individual with unique potential.

In support of Trinity’s Mission, we have Digital Learning Catalysts, Learning Catalysts and School Counselors on staff who strive to maximize the learning potential of all students through teacher, parent and student support, collaboration and education.

Though our curriculum already allows for teachers to differentiate instruction for students where needed, some students may need addition interventions and accommodations in the classroom to ensure success, including those gifted high achievers to those with mild learning differences.


  • Our Digital Learning Catalysts support teachers in the design and implementation of innovative learning experiences that support instruction, student engagement and student achievement, and serves as a resource to students in the use of technology as it relates to teaching and learning in the classroom.

    Our Learning Catalysts works to collaborate and support teachers in the classroom, discuss and implement plans and strategies for student success, and assess & monitor the academic and behavioral needs of current and prospective students.

    Our School Counselors work alongside our teachers, Chaplains and Learning Catalysts to support the social-emotional needs of students and educate the Trinity community on how best to support child(ren)’s needs at school and home.