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People sometimes wonder why does Trinity Episcopal School have that middle name? What is “episcopal” anyhow and what difference does that make to us as a school?

While Trinity has its spiritual roots within the Episcopal tradition, no bishop or diocese established formal links to the national denomination of The Episcopal Church. Being “episcopal” is not strictly to do with any denominational affiliation, but rather with its broader ethos of being both Christian yet embracing of people of all world faiths or none. We maintain the healthy tension of being Christ-focused on the one hand, yet spiritually-inclusive on the other.

In addition, the goal of our spiritual life at Trinity is not reduced to mere moral instruction (although we do that as well), but instead we instill a sense of belonging and purpose within the hearts and minds of our young people. We also promote the love exemplified in the person of Jesus Christ throughout our community of students, families, teachers, and staff by striving to be as open, welcoming and inclusive as he was.

The Rev. Brent Melton


The Rev. Lindsey Peery

Lower School Chaplain

Dean of Community Life

The Rev. Matt Moorman

Music Chaplain