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Dancers at Trinity's Holi Festival in 2023.


We aim to ground our students in an enduring commitment to the richness of diversity. In order to achieve that goal we choose an annual diversity theme around which we can dialogue, visit, learn, share, create, discuss, question and get inspired.

As a result, we hope to enrich the Trinity community and all of its members to feel equipped to embrace diversity more fully. We host parent education events and community celebrations of diversity throughout the school year.


Annual events include:

Freedom Fete

Freedom Fete is an annual celebration, occurring around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January, dedicated to celebrating the work of those who lead the struggle for social justice - both in our local community and beyond. Each year, we feature guest speakers from across the country who are experts on a wide variety of diversity and social justice issues.

Latino Festival

A fun-filled day of exploring the authentic food, traditional folkloric dance and Latin American culture. Sponsored by Trinity's Cafe Con Padres, Hispanic parent affinity group, along with the Parents' Association.

KINDRED Festival

Sponsored by Trinity's KINDRED, African American/Black parent affinity group, along with the Parents' Association, the KINDRED Festival is a family-friendly event featuring music, drummers, artists, poets, storytellers, dancing, singing and great food.