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Every new chapter of a story moves the plot forward, introducing new characters and new possibilities as the tale unfolds. The same is true for Trinity's new chapter this school year, from the new Head of School and new faces in classrooms to the community events that are resuming after being shelved for several years.

But for everything that is new in this chapter, the central story remains the same as we continue to live into our mission and build community.

The Trinity Fund is what binds that community because at its crux are students and teachers - the characters we root for, page after page.

Join our faculty and staff, 100% of whom have given, and show your support for this important part of Trinity!

If you are interested in making a multi-year pledge or have any Trinity Fund questions, please contact Katie Keels.

Gift Matching

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that enhance their employees’ charitable contributions.

When your gifts are matched, you can double and sometimes even triple the impact your donation makes on our School.

To determine if your employer matches charitable gifts, please use the search feature below or contact your human resources department.


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Where Can Your Gift Fit In?

Just as each word fills a page, each gift, whether $10 or $10,000, works together to fill the Trinity Fun and make a difference. Looking at the chart below, here are the gifts it would take to surpass our Trinity Fund goal.

Join our Caretakers Circle with a gift of $3,000+

The Perennial Society keeps the Trinity story going for many years. This giving circle honors Trinity Fund donors who have given for three consecutive years.