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What does the ‘Episcopal’ in Trinity Episcopal School mean?

Trinity Episcopal School was founded upon the long and rich educational tradition inspired by the Episcopal Church. Our mission of creating scholars, nurturing spirituality and embracing diversity was shaped from the start by Trinity’s growth from Episcopal roots. In particular, three distinctive features of the Episcopal school tradition have marked and shaped Trinity’s approach to education and our community of students, families, educators and staff.

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Christ as the foundation.

Our common life — in the classroom and beyond — is rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Jesus proclaimed the inclusive power of God’s love to transform the world, and his way shapes ours.

We celebrate human diversity because Christ saw all people as worthy of love and care. We seek to serve each other and our community because Christ taught us that in humble service we will find God.

Trinity affirms the talents of our students and the gifts of our community, and we challenge ourselves to offer our best efforts. The love of God is not incidental to the Trinity experience; it is central to how we understand who we are and what we are called to be.

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Education as expansive.

Education is exploration, not indoctrination. While our values are rooted in Christ, our mission is not one of conversion but rather one of expanding students’ horizons. The Episcopal tradition has long held that one of the most powerful means for understanding meaning, purpose and fullness of life is through the use of human reason and creativity. Minds expand as they are challenged, and with greater learning comes the capacity for greater understanding, compassion and achievement.

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Spirituality is essential.

An intentional, school-wide spiritual life is an essential means for shaping community norms, inspiring compassionate hearts, and developing caring citizens. In worship we understand ourselves in relation to God, to our neighbors, and to ourselves, and we celebrate our achievements and mark our successes illuminated by the light of a higher moral life.

Spirituality expands well beyond Chapel; indeed, it is woven into the fabric of our school and community life. Its persistent call toward a responsible life beyond ourselves shapes decisions across the school, from the classroom to the playing field, from admissions to administration.

Trinity is an independent school within the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, not linked to a specific Episcopal church but supported by many. Our Episcopal roots are deep, and like the roots of many trees that often go unnoticed on the surface, they are strong and essential components of our community and mission.