Welcome to Wildcat Summer Camp 2022!

Once again, we are looking forward to offering six weeks of fantastic camps packed with new experiences and exciting, hands-on learning. Join us as we embark on first-time adventures, build friendships and strengthen our sense of community. We welcome any rising K-8th grade student (ages 5-14) to experience these full- and half-day camps as well as our newest Wildcats (rising TES Kindergarteners) to Summer Play Days.

What makes Wildcat Summer Camp stand out?

  • Our unique proximity to Uptown

  • Our daily adventures to apply our learning outside of the classroom and in Charlotte’s Center City/the greater Charlotte area

  • Staggered recess times/locations to promote social distancing, if necessary

  • A deeper focus on the health and safety of our community through greater sanitation protocols

  • A summer staff who is dedicated to help foster academic growth, experiential learning and a lot of fun

While the core values of Trinity link each camp, the programs are designed to offer unique and enriching experiences for each week. New opportunities have been added to expand and enhance the experience for returning Wildcat campers. We promise to maintain the same sense of camaraderie and community that has made the camps so transformative in the past. Whether passionate about learning how to prepare your favorite entree or how to create the next video game, your camper will make great memories at Wildcat Summer Camp 2022!

At Trinity, we are dedicated to nurturing the whole student: mind, body and spirit.  We are fully invested in honoring Trinity’s mission to create scholars, nurture spirituality and embrace diversity in Charlotte’s Center City. Paramount to succeeding in this goal is our firm commitment to fostering a safe environment through the understanding of the importance of personal accountability. Trinity’s Honor Code provides guidelines that help us achieve our goals for students to live successfully in our community. 

If you have any questions about the 2022 Wildcat Summer Camp program, please call us at 704.358.8101, email us at wildcatsummer@tescharlotte.org or visit our website at www.tescharlotte.org.

We look forward to seeing you!

Temekia Morton
Director of Extended Day and Summer Camps




Date Camp Rising Grades Time Cost
June 13-17 Taking Flight into Aerospace Engineering/Charge Into Electrical Engineering 5-8 9-4p $400.00
  YouTube Content Creators/YouTube FX Masters 3-8 9-4p $400.00
  World of Wizards/Builders 3-6 9-4p $375.00
  Beautiful Like Me (girls only) 3-5 9-12p $210.00
  Camp Read (and Write) A Lot 1-3 9-12p $225.00
  Guts, Goo, Gross Science 1-2 9-12p $200.00
  All Rise! (2-week camp) 6-8 9-12p $405.00
June 21-24 Minecraft Animators/Pokemon Masters: Designers & 3D Makers Unite! 3-8 9-4p $325.00
*No camp on June 20 The Original University Math CAMMP 1-6 9-4p $300.00
(Juneteenth observance) Eureka! Camp for Inventors 1-5 9-4p $260.00
  Upcycled Art/Nature Makers 1-2 9-4p $300.00
  IGROW (I Gain Resiliency through Opportunities and Wellness) 3-5 9-12p $185.00
  All Rise! (2-week camp) 6-8 9-12p $405.00
  Court Vision 3-5 9-12p $180.00
  Gear Up for Mechancial Engineering & Arduino Line Following Robot 5-8 9-4p $320.00
June 27-July 1 Exploring Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry 2-4 9-4p $350.00
  ESTEAM: Women in Science 3-6 9-4p $375.00
  JavaScript Developer Jam/Python Programmers 3-8 9-4p $400.00
  The Original University Math CAMMP 1-6 9-4p $375.00
  BoyJoy 6-8 *10-2p $285.00
  Yoga, Art, Music, Stories (YAMS) 1-5 9-12p $210.00
  Super Sleuths (Secret Agent Lab/Spy Academy) 1-5 9-4p $345.00
July 5-8 **Good Sports 1-5 9-12p or 1-4p $190.00
*No camp on July 4     9-4p $280.00
(Independence Day) NASA: Academy of Future Space Explorers 2-5 9-4p $260.00
  3D Game Design/Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game 3-8 9-4p $325.00
  Enchanted Engineering/Whiz Kids K-2 9-4p $300.00
  Home-cooked 3-5 9-12p $180.00
  Jr. Artists in Action K-1 9-12p $190.00
  STEAM Studio for Her 2-5 9-12p $210.00
July 11-15 Exploring Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 2-4 9-4p $350.00
  **Artists in Action 1-5 9-12p or 1-4p $215.00
      9-4p $350.00
  Summer WRAP (2-week Reading and Math refresher camp) 4-5 9-12p $500
  ROBLOX Coders & Entrepreneurs/ROBLOX Makers 3-8 9-4p $425.00
  S.T.E.A.M. Rollers: Design, Build, Create 2-5 9-12p $215.00
  Design the Runway 1-3 9-4p $375.00
  Adoption Support Alliance's Kids Club K-2 9-12p $245.00
    3-5 1-4p $245.00
  Snack Attack K-2 9-12p $190.00
  Summer Play Days (Rising TES Kindergarteners only) K 9-12p $215.00
July 18-22 Pixels and Paint 2-5 9-12p $250.00
  Music Masterclass: Songwriting and Music Production 4-8 9-4p $375.00
  **Queen City Quest 1-5 9-12 or 1-4p $230.00
      9-4p $375.00
  Summer WRAP (2-week Reading and Math refresher camp) 4-5 9-12p see above
  Camp Independence 4-5 9-4p M-Tu $375.00
      9a W-Thu (overnight)  
      ***9-12p Fri  
  Camp Independence Sr. 6-8 9-4p M-Tu $425.00
      9a W-Thu (overnight)  
      ***9-12p Fri  
  Exploring Civil Engineering & Chemistry 2-4 9-4p $350.00
  Minecraft Modders/Minecraft Redstone Engineers 3-8 9-4p $400.00
* Please notice camp hours        
** Half-day Option        
*** Noon pick-up