Welcome to Trinity Episcopal School!

As a parent at Trinity, you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Association.  Our mission as PA is to facilitate communication between the parents and the school’s administration and to build and support the school community.  We accomplish this by coordinating school-wide volunteer efforts and hosting events that bring our community together.

Speaking of volunteering, there are many volunteer opportunities available at Trinity.  Whether you work a shift at the Book Fair, direct parking for Grandfriends’ Day, help give an admissions tour, or collect books for the Used Book Drive, you will surely find something that interests you and fits your schedule.  As the old proverb says, “many hands make light work.” We need your hands to help us continue the work of those who have preceded us.

As for Trinity’s community events, you can look forward to our parent-only Fall Social in November and the family-friendly Latin American and Gullah festivals in the Spring.  We also have several grade level gatherings throughout the year. 

I promise that your family’s experience will be greatly enriched by participation in the community, whether it is through volunteering, attending events, or even just coming to lunch with your child.  Making these connections will mean the difference between Trinity being just any school and Trinity being your school.

In the words of one of my children’s favorite TV show, “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!”

We are very excited to have you join our TES team and please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


Amy Colaco
2018-19 Parents' Association President

Parents' Association
Leadership Team

Amy Colaco
Jennie Harper
Vice President
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Nicole Moore
Vice President-Elect
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