Greetings from the Admission Team!

Inch by Inch is one of our favorite songs at Trinity, known and loved by every child kindergarten through 8th grade. The seeds of community are sewn in kindergarten where the foundation is rich with opportunities for building new friendships with peers and connecting through Book Buddies and Science Buddies. These vertical partnerships are intentional and meant to strengthen the relationships which bind our youngest children with our oldest. The older students are held accountable for being role models as they nurture, guide, and lead through Christ-like example, much like the rake and the hoe are used to turn the earth and make it fertile for seeds to grow.

Inch by Inch, row by row,
gonna make this garden grow,
all it takes is a rake and a hoe
 and a piece of fertile ground

Inch by Inch, row by row
Someone bless
these seeds I sow,

Someone warm them from below
As the rain comes
tumbling down

Choosing a school is one of the most momentous decisions that parents ever make for their children.

It is important that each prospective family learns as much as possible about Trinity Episcopal School in order to make the best and most appropriate educational decision. We invite you to come visit our campus in Uptown Charlotte. There are many tour options to choose from and the Admission Team is eagerly awaiting  to help you navigate through this process.

We are Trinity.

Jennifer Moore
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Benita Griffin
Associate Director of Admission

Michelle Vanassa