Academic excellence is a hallmark of Episcopal schools. At Trinity, we are continuing this tradition and redefining academic rigor.  

Our progressive curriculum and workshop approach encourage students to think creatively and critically, our Honor Code holds them to the highest standards of personal conduct and our unique programs and service learning partnerships provide lessons that light the way to a noble and productive life.

As a collaborative, experiential and process-focused school, Trinity follows the structure of the workshop model as a means of giving voice and choice to students, building ownership and responsibility for their own learning.

Trinity’s academic program brings all members of the School community to a richer intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and aesthetic awareness through an interdisciplinary and progressive approach to instruction. As students make connections across subject areas, they expand their creativity, enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, sharpen their communication and leadership dexterity and develop their independence.

Scholarly Habits:
  • Comes prepared with materials and assignments.
  • Shows respect for own learning and learning of others
  • Exhibits curiosity; asks questions and seeks answers
  • Works independently; sustains attention and focus
  • Demonstrates effort and perseverance with difficult tasks and situations
  • Communicates effectively; listens actively and speaks efficiently
  • Demonstrates critical and creative problem solving skills
  • Shows academic humility; understands that no matter how much we know there is always more to learn.