Developing a strong foundation of skills is critical to equip our students with the tools needed for serious investigation and reflection. Empowering students to own their learning is an ambitious and important goal.

We value being a K-8 school community and intentionally seek to offer our diverse student body a continuum of instruction that is authentic, connected and sustaining. We recognize the different needs of lower school and middle school students and vary program and structure accordingly. K-5 students are primarily taught within a self-contained classroom setting. The Middle School offers a discipline-based team approach.

Middle School Core Curriculum
 Middle School Enrichment Classes
Language Arts
Life Skills
Social Issues Seminar
Visual Arts
Social Studies
Music Ensembles
Physical Education
Service Learning
Faith Studies
Study Hall
Middle School Leadership Team

Tracy Onze
Head of Middle School

Emily Dia
Middle School Academic Dean

Ray Orio
Middle School Student Life Dean

de’Angelo Dia
Middle School Dean of Community Life
& Chaplain