A digital citizenship curriculum is a critical component in today’s classroom. Students are using the internet and digital resources to learn in ways they never have before.  With the advancements in technology and its increased use in the classroom, students must be educated on how to use the internet and digital tools in a safe and responsible way. 

Skills such as copyright and information literacy are important for students to learn and practice as they use the internet to gather information and create products of their learning. Understanding the importance of credible sources and copyright laws will be skills they use for the rest of their life. 

Digital citizenship also encompasses areas of internet use that are beyond classroom application, such as online identity and reputation, privacy and security, cyberbullying, and communication.  As digital natives, our students use the internet on a regular basis so we want to ensure that they are being safe and establishing a positive digital footprint each time they go online, whether they are at school or at home. 

1:1 Chromebooks 4th-8th Grade

4th through 8th grade students are assigned a Chromebook to be used throughout the school day. Each Chromebook is housed overnight in a cart within a classroom and retrieved each morning and returned each afternoon. 

We provide students with specific direction about when and where these devices may be used.