Since its inception in 2000, Trinity Episcopal School has been governed by a Board of Trustees. As outlined in the school’s original ByLaws, “The Board has ultimate responsibility for establishing the purpose, mission and direction of the school, for hiring the Head of School and for overseeing the overall management by the Head of School of the business and financial affairs of the Corporation, and the academic, religious, moral and physical aspects of the school.” 

The Board meets 6-7 times a year and focuses on four main areas of responsibility:

  • Safeguard the School’s Mission
  • Guide the School’s Strategic Direction
  • Ensure the School’s Financial Sustainability
  • Hire the Head of School to operate the school.
    The Board delegates all administrative decisions and functions to the Head of School.

As directed by the bylaws, the Board is made up of between 13-23 volunteer members who are nominated by the Governance Committee and elected by the full Board. Trustees serve terms of three years and can serve two consecutive terms or six years.  Trustees are selected for the particular skills, areas of expertise or experience that they can bring to the board’s effort to fulfill its responsibilities, as well as for their commitment and passion for the Mission of the School. The Board’s roster intentionally reflects diversity in constituency and experience, always including no more than 12 current parents. Additionally, at least 50% of the board must be Episcopalians, according to the ByLaws. 

To facilitate work in key areas, the Board has several standing committees, which meet as needed throughout the year. The present committees include:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Development
  • Diversity, Equity & Belonging
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance & Investment
  • Governance
  • Health, Safety & Facilities
  • Spiritual Life
  • Talent & Human Resources
2021-22 Board of Trustees

Dr. Katherine Addison
Anne Bowman
Eugene Brown
Barbara Cantisano
Rev. Joshua Case
Ann Clark
Marcus Clarke
Amy Colaco
Marisella Cuervo
Porter Durham, Chair
Tere Ey
Terrie Hagler Gray
David Hatch
Jamie Kiser
John Laughlin
Sharai Lavoie
Raj Natarajan
Joe Pitt
Rev. Amanda K. Robertson
Maureen (Molly) Shaw
Holly Welch Stubbing
Frank Toliver


Thomas J. Franz, Head of School
Caroline Hobbs
Brooke Smith, P.A. President