School Transition:

Click here to read an update from Head of School Tom Franz and Chair of our Board of Trustees, Porter Durham. 

As we celebrate Tom Franz's 11 years of service at Trinity Episcopal School, our Board of Trustees and Head of School Search Committee are conducting a search for our 3rd head of school. To read more about this process, visit our Search Information Hub, here.

Photo of head of school at Trinity Episcopal School
Tom Franz
Head of School
Photo of assistant head of school and head of lower school
Chris Weiss
Assistant Head of School/ Head of Lower School
Jennifer Moore
Director of Admission
& Financial Aid

Lauren Harnett
Director of Advancement

Glenn Dahlen
Business Officer
Tracy Onze
Head of Middle School
Ayeola Elias
Director of Diversity, Equity & Belonging
and Admission Advisor

The Rev. Brent A. Melton
School Chaplain

2021-22 Board of Trustees

Dr. Katherine Addison 
Anne Bowman 
Eugene Brown 
Barbara Cantisano 
Rev. Joshua Case 
Ann Clark 
Marcus Clarke 
Amy Colaco 
Marisella Cuervo 
Porter Durham, Chair 
Tere Ey 
Terrie Hagler Gray 
David Hatch 
Caroline Hobbs 
Jamie Kiser 
John Laughlin 
Sharai Lavoie 
Raj Natarajan 
Joe Pitt 
Rev. Amanda K. Robertson
Maureen (Molly) Shaw 
Holly Welch Stubbing 


Thomas J. Franz, Head of School
Brooke Smith, P.A. President