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Trinity Episcopal School was founded upon the teachings and example of Jesus and the rich educational tradition of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal tradition has long held that human reason and creativity are powerful ways to discern meaning and purpose in all aspects of life. Minds expand as they are challenged, and with greater learning comes the capacity for greater understanding, compassion and achievement. Formation is exploration, not indoctrination. Our mission is not to convert but rather to expand students’ horizons and embolden them to think deeply, welcome broadly, and live nobly.
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Supporting Every Child’s Spiritual Journey.

In addition to challenging students to academic excellence, we believe that nurturing spirituality is essential to the formation of the whole child.

Trinity’s support of a child’s individual spiritual growth extends well beyond chapel and faith studies as we continually strive to inspire compassionate hearts and develop caring citizens. Students are encouraged to take pride in who they are, where they come from, and what they believe.

All members of the Trinity community are invited to seek clarity about their own beliefs and to honor those commitments more faithfully in their lives.

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Fostering a Sense of Belonging in an Inclusive School Community.

As an institution modeled on God’s grace and love, Trinity values the variety of human experience and embraces families from diverse religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Jesus saw all people as worthy of love and care; following His example, we celebrate the array of human difference and work to create a community where everyone is cared for and feels a sense of belonging.

By supporting one another, listening to and advocating for each other, we grow in understanding of others, ourselves, and the God who created us all.

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Striving for Equity, Justice and Love of Neighbor.

We are committed to building trust and stamina for the work of hospitality and the pursuit of equity within our diverse school community and in the world. Students are introduced to the ideals and concepts of equity and justice, and encouraged to consider their individual contributions to a more just society.

Service learning is integral to this work. The calling, however, transcends any program or curriculum and even one’s years at Trinity. Students are equipped for a lifelong commitment to promote justice and peace among all people and to respect the dignity of every human being. 

Trinity is an independent school within the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, not linked to a specific Episcopal church but supported by many. Our Episcopal roots are deep, and like the roots of many trees that often go unnoticed on the surface, they are strong and essential components of our community and mission.