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Wildcat Athletics

Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together & Have Fun

Trinity Episcopal School’s athletic department is all-inclusive, meaning we do not conduct skill-based cuts. If a student wants to play one of the sports we offer then we create that opportunity. Typically, 90% of the middle school student body participates in our athletic program either in the fall, winter or spring – while most play all three seasons. Our coaches enjoy preparing more experienced players for the next level, as well as introducing the game to interested student athletes.

Students who participate in sports at Trinity are given support and guidance as they develop and refine their athletic skill, improve their physical fitness and build confidence in their individual abilities, while identifying themselves as part of a team. As faculty, families and coaches collaboratively influence the lives of Trinity Episcopal School student-athletes, they encourage and model good sportsmanship, civility and grace while fostering an atmosphere of support, wholesome competition and delight in the sport.

Participation in athletics at Trinity Episcopal School is a privilege and student-athletes must adhere to the Honor Code, exhibit appropriate behavior in class and at practice, and work to achieve a balance that allows for success in the classroom as well as in the game. Sportsmanship is that quality which allows us to be considerate, fair, noble and respectful. In addition to providing exercise and competition, athletics provide an outlet through which the virtues of courage, grace, persistence and discipline can be taught.

David Martin
Athletic Director

The following sports are offered to all Trinity middle school students:

Fall: Girls’ Volleyball, Co-Ed Cross-Country, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Tennis

Winter: Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball

Spring: Boys’ Tennis, Co-Ed Track and Field, Girls’ Soccer, Co-Ed Golf

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