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Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality & Embracing Diversity in Charlotte's Center City.

At Trinity we conduct school in the context of a community. We value and care about each other as human beings across generations, socio-economic lines, religious traditions, racial and ethnic differences, gender opposites and neighborhood fences.

Our caring is rooted in our Episcopal tradition, reinforced by our Honor Code and nurtured by our programming. Every classroom is a community reflecting the mission and shared values. Because children sense they really belong at Trinity, they relax and look for ways to express themselves and discover their full potential. A strong school community enhances students’ success. No wonder our students like coming to school!

In addition to the classroom, Trinity utilizes Tribes and Koinonia groups to build community:

York Tribe

Tribes are small, gender-based groups of students in grades 3-5 and are led by a teacher/leader who serves as an adult advocate. Students gather weekly to learn about cooperation, collaboration and leadership skills.


Smith KoinoniaKoinonias are groups of 10-12 students in grades 6-8 with one adult teacher/leader. Koinonia is a Greek word for “fellowship” or “communion” often appearing in the New Testament in reference to the disciples of the early church. Koinonia groups gather every morning for check-in and at other times such as lunch, intermurals and service.

This structure ensures that each student has at least one adult in the school community s/he knows well and who can be trusted to know the student well. That adult becomes a coach and advocate for the student in all realms of his/her life at Trinity and a liaison for the parents. 

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