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Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality & Embracing Diversity in Charlotte's Center City.

“Up a white fence climbs a red red rose, a wonderful rose. Someone loved flowers and asked a seed to grow and the wonderful happened:  a rose.”

These words, from one of our most beloved children’s authors, Cynthia Rylant, aptly describe how Trinity Episcopal School came to be. A small group of teachers, who were passionate about children and learning, wanted to plant and then grow a school where students would become readers and writers and mathematicians in a community bound together by faith and friendships. This founding faculty met in the evenings and on weekends, long before the first building went up, to create what is still a core focus of our school today — a strong emphasis on understanding over rote memorization, depth over breadth, and student ownership of the learning.

“Did you know there was a time when you weren’t anywhere?
But then you happened, like bread, like a bird, like peaches and snow.”

Our lower school classrooms follow a workshop approach which allows student-choice in the learning process, while also creating a naturally differentiated environment that taps each child’s unique potential. In our social studies and science lessons, children are placed in the sometimes difficult role of problem-solver and critical thinker, in both real and simulated scenarios, where questions and curiosity are encouraged, if not required. Older children read with younger ones as Book Buddies, classes walk hand-in-hand to Imaginon and Discovery Place, part of our Uptown campus, and we begin and end each week in Chapel, to express our faith and love for God and each other, through songs and prayer.

“The wonderful happens every day:  peaches grow, bees buzz, and it rains.”

I was fortunate to be a member of the founding faculty and have watched this small seed of a school grow into a powerful place of teaching and learning, a community of both scholars and servants. Our teachers bring such passion, joy and expertise to their work every day, it’s no wonder that children race from carpool to class each morning, eager to dive in to their own work and to be among best friends. Over the years I’ve heard countless adults–parents, teachers, grandparents–lament that their own school experience growing up would have been so much better had they been at a place like Trinity.

“And most of all and best of all, it all never ends, for the wonderful happens again.”

It’s true, each day is filled with the steady buzz of children fully engaged in learning, and simply being–children.  I invite you to come and experience “the wonderful” yourself by visiting our campus and meeting our faculty, staff, and students.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Weiss
Head of Lower School/Asst. Head of School


Lower School Leadership Team
(left to right)

Rev. Lindsey Peery, LS Dean of Community Life
Chris Weiss, Head of Lower School
Monica Browne, LS Academic Dean

As a collaborative, experiential and process-focused school, Trinity follows the structure of the workshop model as a means of giving voice and choice to students, building ownership and responsibility for their own learning.

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