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Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality & Embracing Diversity in Charlotte's Center City.

What is the Trinity Teaching & Learning Center (TTLC)?

Trinity Teaching & Learning Center is managed and supported by the faculty and staff of Trinity Episcopal School, a K-8 independent school founded in 2000 and located in Charlotte’s center city.

The TTLC provides learning opportunities for educators, in and around the community, to study and develop best practices for K-8 students in literacy, mathematics, technology, and the social sciences. Our current focus is on literacy with future workshops planned in other classroom disciplines.

TTLC Mission

The Mission of the Trinity Teaching and Learning Center is an extension of the Mission and Values of Trinity Episcopal School which are “grounded in an exceptional educational program that inspires a love of learning and a quest for knowledge” and “affirms our commitment to outreach and service to others.”

2018 TTLC Announcement

  • Due to scheduling availability, The Trinity Teaching and Learning Center’s (TTLC) Balanced Literacy workshop will be on hiatus for the summer of 2018.  Please contact Chris Weiss with any questions.  

TTLC Vision

We achieve this Mission by developing and sharing our expertise within and beyond the Trinity community. In doing so we provide our own faculty, especially those newer to the field of education, and educators in the broader community with access to learn and develop their craft practice from master teachers.

Trinity students especially benefit from being taught by teachers who are experts in their profession and who instill and model a love of learning. By opening our doors to educators from the other schools, we can support fellow colleagues in their desire to learn new approaches to teaching, which ultimately serves a wide range of children beyond Trinity.

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